This year’s Convention is all about giving you the STEP-BY-STEP processes you need to be a better business Owner. Whether you are focused on growing your business through earning new customers, selling more to your current customers, hiring Sales Reps or acquiring your competition, you will come away from Convention knowing the exact STEPS you need to take to succeed. From what words to say, emails to send, tools to use, you will have a real action plan for the minute you get back to the office.

Using concepts from “The Twelve Week Year,” we’ll talk about practical strategies to keep you laser focused on the steps you need to take every day to stay on track with your 2X18 goals. You will also be introduced to Proforma’s NEW 24/7 online resource. This site is packed with information so you have constant access to the STEP-BY-STEP processes to help keep you focused.

Come to get motivated. Come to network with your fellow Owners and Sales Reps. Come to learn new ways to grow your business. But most importantly, come to know the EXACT STEPS to achieving your goals.